The Search For Clues

For some UFO investigators, the momentous events set out in the Bible hold meanings beyond the scope of any religion that has yet been organized. These researchers view the biblical chronicles as a unique written history spanning a millennium that was fraught with paranormal activity including UFO's.

Examined from this point of view, the Bible yields dozens of examples of unidentified flying objects. Almost any unusual vision in the heavens can be seen as an alien visitation. Some UFOlogists, for example, believe the star of Bethlehem--which led the three wise men to the infant Jesus--was a flying saucer. And one New York minister concluded that God could have been an alien endeavoring to guide humans on earth during crises.

Artistic interpretations of such events have appeared throughout the centuries. As if to support the biblical UFOlogists claims, some include strange, unidentifiable objects in the skies. Four examples of these works are shown below.

Tapestry Blow-up
In this scene from a medieval tapestry portraying the life of the Virgin Mary, one mysterious element has captured the attention of some UFO investigators: the black domed object hovering above the skyline.
Renaissance Renaissance
Hovering in the background of this Renaissance painting of the Madonna and Child is an object radiating beams of light as someone looks on. To some the mysterious item represents a UFO.
Crucifixion Coin
The first picture is a fourteenth century fresco depicting the Crucifixion showing a man, possibly a prophet heeding God's call to heaven traversing the sky in an egg shaped vehicle. The second picture is a French Token minted in the 1680's. On the coin is an odd, disk-shaped flying object. Some UFOlogists suggest the design may commemorate a daytime UFO sighting.