The Rainbow Conspiracy
The Greatest Cover-up Of Our Time

A former NASA scientist talks about underground UFO bases in which large storage vats were filled with human body parts waiting to be blended with the fluid that extraterrestrial aliens used for food.

An engineer, who over a period of years had worked on numerous government projects, told of how pieces of crashed flying saucers were an integral element in developing the Stealth's ability to baffle enemy radar. Because of the boost our aeronautical science was given by alien technology, he said, our new generation of jet fighters would remarkably look like some eye witness descriptions of UFO's.

A former Air Force Intelligence officer who repeated details of a secret deal that a shadow group within our government had made with the aliens, in which the ETI's (Extraterrestrial Intelligences) traded their advanced technology for the right to adduct humans for a variety of biological experiments.

All of these astonishing allegations were made on a warm July night back in 1988, during a session of the UFO discussion group that met with Brad & Sherry Steiger in their Phoenix home. An open invitation to visiting UFO researchers to attend these informal meetings had, on this particular evening, attracted a number of new individuals who not only produced documentation of their identities, but also detailed accounts of alleged alien activities that bordered on either bad science fiction or everyone's worst nightmare.

As one of the former intelligence officers had phrased it: "This planet is no longer ours. Earth no longer belongs to us!" From the beginning of UFO investigation in the late 1940's, there have been cries of conspiracy and complaints of attempts by government agencies to silence witnesses of flying saucer encounters. Thousands of men and women have persistently charged that our presidents, military and top scientists have been in on the secrets of UFO's.

Some of the following matters where discussed on the night in question:

General MacArthur's Warning To The Nations Of Earth
The Betrayal Of Earth By The Secret Governments
The Philadelphia Experiment
Nazi UFO's
The Top Secret Group Known As Majestic-12
A UFO Program Of Human Abductions
The Gray's
Underground Bases
Secret Government Projects In ESP And Mind Control
Alien Implanted Pregnancies In Human Women
Not All The Aliens Are Bad Guys
Our Planet Is The Prize In A War Of The Worlds

The above materials were taken from a book by Brad & Sherry Steiger in an attempt to outline the events of the past, that summarize the hidden truths within the conspiracy, which had come to be known as "The Rainbow Conspiracy". We recommend after reading the excerpts, that you get the book to read about the explosive truth that has been kept hidden for 50 years.

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The Rainbow Conspiracy - By Brad Steiger & Sherry Hanson Steiger - ISBN 0-7860-0065-1