The Gulf Breeze Enigma

Ed Walters found himself paralyzed, apparently by a beam of intense blue light that came from the craft

At sundown on the evening of November 11, 1987, Ed Walters, living in an area of Pensacola, Fla., known as Gulf Breeze, saw a UFO over his home and was able to take five Polaroid photographs of it. He then went into the street to take further pictures, but found himself paralyzed, apparently by a beam of intense blue light that came from the craft. He was also lifted off his feet, while weird images, seemingly projected from the UFO, flooded his mind. Other witnesses reported seeing a similar craft, and the blue light beam, at the same time.

Over the next six months Walters regularly observed the UFO and took many more pictures, some on video, others with 3-D cameras. Sightings were usually preceded by a strange buzzing noise in his head.

On December 2, Ed and his wife said they were visited by an alien being, shortly after sighting the UFO, and on January 12,1988, he was again paralyzed, this time by a white light beam from the craft, while photographing it on a local road from his pickup. The blue beam, he reported, then deposited five aliens on the road, but he escaped in his truck

On May 1, 1988, Walters had his last visit from the UFO, while in his pickup, at around 1:00 am. He was 'zapped' by a white light beam, and regained his senses about 2:30 am. Since then he has neither seen a UFO nor heard the mysterious buzzing. Subsequently, he has speculated that, while he was unconscious, he was abducted and a device - which he claims to have been implanted while he was a teenager was removed from his head.

The Controversy Continues

The Gulf Breeze sightings have continued, with many other witnesses reporting craft similar to that seen by Ed Walters. However, his numerous photographs have divided the world of UFO experts, some vigorously supporting Walter's pictures, and others vociferously denouncing them as fakes.

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