As we all have read here, and on other pages, Nostradamus predicted two events this year. The first, the current American President being removed from power, and second, on July 4, 1999, the beginning of WWIII.
Well it is obvious to us that because of Nostradamus' past predictions being acurate, that something has happened that has altered our timeline. The key point of this all is the fact that Bill Clinton was not removed from power. Everything after this point has now been changed, which explains why July 4, 1999 did not take place.
The paradox will not ripple through our timeline because the time travellers, yes time travellers, who altered the outcome of the Clinton Trials, came from the future, and this is where it gets interesting, created the branch we are now on. In order for the travellers to come back, we must have, at that time, shared a common future. Once their plan succeeded, a split in the common timeline occured. The problem the travellers are now faced with is the paradox that they created on their timeline in order to save us. I think this could be a good thing.
The only simple way that I can explain why we are not involved in their paradox is that in order for the travellers to come back in time and save us, they must be on the same timeline as us to the point when the paradox was formed. Once the paradox occurs, the timeline splits into 2 branches, the travellers, and the new one they created. Since they do not exist on the new timeline, the paradox occurs in theirs.
Here is the kicker though. In order for these travellers to have influenced the Bill Clinton Trial, they must have been here for a while, weaving themselves into our very existance. They must have been Senitors, only the Senitors, directly or by influence, were the ones that made the final decision in the trial.

Think about it!