Movies and George Orwell - Preparing Us?

The Facts as We See Them

Many years ago there was a radio show, The War of the Worlds. Although it was mentioned many times during the broadcast that it was purely fictional, a majority of the listeners panicked and believed it to be true.
In more recent years, we have seen an onslaught of alien type movies coming out more and more frequently and all, with the exception of Close Encounters, E.T. and a few more, all portray the aliens as evil and bent on the conquest of Earth. Some shows, like Star Trek and Babylon 5, make the aliens out to be friendly, the most part, but we as humans seem to be the dominant force.

Behind The Scenes

The War of the Worlds was a test orchestrated by the government and supported by the media as a test to see how the populous would react to the initial admission that aliens are among us. Of course, as we know, panic and mayhem was the result. Therefore, an onslaught of movies and TV shows were created to de-sensitize us to the point that now, or in the very near future, the government will finally admit to the fact that aliens are among us and have been for many years. This Hollywood and government collaboration has changed the majority of panic to acceptance. If CNN broke in and suddenly reported that the aliens are here, the population, for the most part, would accept it and carry on almost as though nothing has happened and instead, only a small minority would be grabing their guns and ready for a fight.

As you will find in the articles on the previous page, THEY ARE HERE AND WE KNOW IT! When they admit it to the world is only a matter of time!!!