Gaia's Revenge

Could the new viruses that pop up everyday be the work of our very own planet Earth? It's a theory that is gaining wide acceptance. It appears that Mother Nature is back at us with more then just viruses.

The Gaia Theory suggests that earth is a living entity and is very capable of fighting off infection -- that infection " The Human Race " . By us cutting away and disrupting the balance of nature, the ecosystem fights back by creating disease and natural catastrophes, ultimately wiping out mankind.

According to Gaia theorists -- Mother Nature's number one enemy is over population. With over 5 billion people on our planet (a quarter of a trillion pounds of flesh), we are pouring billions of tons of chemicals and garbage into Gaia. Intern it deteriorates her immune system, making her frail and weak. Gaia is unbalanced and is struggling to maintain her status quo.

The effects: Birds that have twisted beaks, animals that are developing tumors all over them and animals that are getting sick and dying at a great rate. Every year approximately. 435 billion pounds of man made chemicals are released into our atmosphere. Recent studies show that these industrial chemicals once thought to be harmless can alter the hormones of wild animals, confusing their sexual identities and rendering them infertile. The male sperm count has dropped 40% since World War 2.

Since Gaia cannot obsorb everything we feed into, Gaia must attack the source. " It's Us Against The World ". The first warning that this is the new order is occurring in Lake Apopka in Florida. it was discovered that many, Alligators, Turtles and Fish were neither male or female, their sexual development was mutating. Signs of these genetic disturbances are popping up all over:

-- The Columbia River -- Washington State
-- Salton Sea -- California
-- The Channel Islands
-- The Missouri River
-- The Tennessee River
-- The Great Lakes
-- Lake Apopka -- Florida
-- Naples -- Florida
-- New Bedford -- Massachusetts

Biologists are starting to see what they refer to as " Gender Warping ", occurring in a wide variety of animal species. If males are not males and females are not females, they cannot reproduce and are there fore only one generation away from extinction. How far are we from the same fate.

These contaminates affect all of us because they are present in our air, food and water supplies, and have the growing potential to become very dangerous. Ironically studies that where sponsored by chemical companies proved that the earth and it's inhabitants can become resilient and will not suffer long term effects.