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1. What is HAARP

HAARP stands for HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM. It was originally invented by Nikola Tesla as an Alternative Energy Source which he called the Tesla Shield. The basic concept was to build a very large antenna, than to utilise a large amount of power to beam those radio waves up into the upper atmosphere therefore creating a shield around the earth. As like most of Tesla's inventions the government had surpressed them, or did they. HAARP is a non - classified project run by the U.S. Army and the Navy(So they say). It consists of several types of transmitting instruments and numerous scientific instruments that study the natural Ionosphere and the Ionosphere that has been perturb by these instruments. In 1988 a Houston Scientist named Dr. Bernard Eastland applied for the patent and got it. The company that had Mr. Eastland's patent was later taken over by E - Systems which is owned by the military. This company was later taken over by a company called Razon which does Super Secret projects for the Pentagon. HAARP is located in the Alaskan wilderness.

2. What are it's uses

Some say that it is a Ground Based Stars Wars Weapon which could be used to destroy or defeat an incoming missile attack. Others say it is used to Disrupt communications all over the world. By directing a radio beam at an unsuspecting country you could wipe out there communications systems while enhancing there own. Another use could be to change the weather. By directing a radio wave up into the upper atmosphere you could heat up a portion of the ionosphere therefore being able to control the weather, maybe snow a whole country in. The last use is to control the mind which brings to my third point.

3. Does it affect us

The human mind can be affected by radio waves, for decades scientists have been experimenting on animals brains, and the military has followed along very closely, it's beginning to sound like Dr. Strangelove. In the 1960's the USSR Was doing such experiments. They where zapping the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with a low frequency beam, they where trying to mess with the Central Nervous System. One report said that the Diplomats did get depressed a lot. There way of thinking was, why blow people up when you could drive them crazy. A 1982 Air Force report called RF a major new research initiative, and that RF can disrupt normal purposeful behaviour. A 1987 report called for more research on RF energy as a non lethal weapon, and in 1993 they held a conference at John Hopkins University to dicuss the making weapons using extremely low frequency waves.

In conclusion

I've talked about what it is. I've talked about it's uses. The big question is does it affect us. The military says that HAARP is only using 3,000,000 watts . Dr Bernard Eastland and Nikola Tesla both say they need upwards of 100 billion watts. I would really like to know what 100 billion watts could do?. Could it zap incoming missiles?, I don't know. Could it disrupt a country's communications? - I don't know. Could it change the weather and control the minds of the mass populous? - again I don't know. Is it a particle beam weapon?, is it a weather machine? or is it a mind control device?. I will now leave you to decide whether they could do this and would they do this.


This was a speech given by me at one of my Communications Classes. You should have seen the long faces when I was done.