The Majestic 12

Majestic-12 (MJ-12) is an alleged conspiracy of U.S. military leaders that was said to have been established September 24, 1947,  by special classified order of President Harry S. Truman to enforce a lid of security on UFO's.   According to certain documents (still under examination), Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter prepared a report on November 18, 1952, to brief President-elect Eisenhower on a saucer crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in which four smallish, large-headed, reptilian like beings were discovered near the wreckage.

The mission of this group was to perform crash retrievals. This group was kept highly secret and involvement by any of the following cannot be conclusively proven.

The very existence of the group itself cannot be verified. Some documents of the U.S. government hint at its formation. It is widely thought that the government documents pertaining to this group have been faked, although the source of the fraud itself cannot be found.

A $16,000 sum was allocated by the Fund for UFO Research to verify the validity of the documents. Many researchers believe in their authenticity. Members thought to be involved are as follows:

  • Berkner, Lloyd V.
  • Bronk, Detlev W.
  • Bush, Dr. Vannevar - Head of Majestic 12 Forrestal,
  • Secretary James V. Gray,
  • Gordon L. Hunsaker
  • Dr. Jerome C. Hillenkoetter
  • Roscoe Menzel
  • Dr. Howard H. Montague
  • General Robert M. Souers
  • Rear Admiral Sidney W. Twining
  • General Nathan A. Vandenberg
  • General Hoyt S.

MJ-12 described how all military and civilian eyewitnesses to the downed UFO and it's crew were debriefed, and a cover story of an errant weather balloon was fabricated to satisfy the press. A strenuous program was established to discredit any individual who might later attempt to declare the reality of the crashed UFO and its strange occupants.

Please stay tuned as we dig up the dirt on these shady characters.